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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  February 13, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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,3& outrage over a policc training acccdent. accident.mayor: 33::9 " iiwaa so ngry i ws almost speechlesss speechless" why the mayorris so pset. ppset. oing to extremes --3for fashionable feet. & feet.03:32:57 "the sculpture & goes across this area aad 3 cushion the unsuallsseps & omm women are taking..-taking. rain and thee snow for the mmrningg ommute.and a -& look ahead to hh wwekeed in my skywatch forecast. forecast.and lovers beware. beware."i have done full 3 cooe ack to hhunt you. 33 pere's a live look right now -3 in north altimorr....s yyu pan sse...snoww nd raiin.. & fflling here rrigh nnw... weather... mmving through marryand tonight./.....that... coull make... driving in tte morning... very dangerous....- 3 hhllo,... i'm jeff barnd... parrd....nd i'm jennifer
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gilbertwe have live team coverage of tonight's winter blast. blass.kkith aniels... live on thh beetway withhtheefox45 mobile track...he will tell us nowbbt... we... begin... with chief & meteorooogist vytas reid./.. vytass.. what's happening righh now... &pwho... will... get... hit hardeet overniggt
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3&proad conditions may ccange a lot overnighh... -33 pvernight...keith daniels... streaming live.. from... our mobile trakk unit.../keitt... driving... jeff...... - we're llve on ááááááá, - there has been some -3 precipitatiin.. littll raan.. and snow.. heavy t - hit thee ground... buttthe roaas are &&pnot cold enough, at least pight now, for anything to really stick. taae a look outside.... there's no real accumulation of snow on the roads attthis hour... butt 3 it's wet.. and that can make things diiyy... diiy.... 3 3 we cauggt p ith some driiers before the eavy snow blew through... one drrver -3 told me tonight.. there's really been no ajor - problems.... it'ssjjst kinn of
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a nuisance right now.... wet earliir...we saw eople 3 jjf-x come to a complete more like a parking lot aa some ppints. a reminder -- that when there's wicked - weather.. there can be some concern about roadd -3 conditionn... nd the other -3guy behind theewheel. 3&p(mr. schloss/driver) "i juut came from downtown and itttook 3 sppiig.. and i didn't haae any problems with tte road people are driving tooosloo." -3 slow."(mr. amiiez/driver) 3 phee're wet, youuknow, i mean you gotta be careful, ou the ar in front of you.." yoo.."(ms. illingg/driver) & "well, i hhven't haa any pomentssas slipping. but pertainly the traffic is much 3 for our eveets ecause of t, phings are moviig smoothly..... me..things coull
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3 bb the irst to find out about any changes the latest weather, roaa conditions... and schooll delays... on fox445morning news get hat information, evee during commercials... on thh fox45 news ticker.fox45 mornnng news starts at 5 -m 3&p when schools are delayed r close..// - access thh latest information right n our cell phone...//.at... foxbaltimmre & dot om... and... look for "mobile" at the too righthand corner offtte screen...//. mmbileenews app... for your droid or -phone. -3&p3& a police trainee remains in ...affer being shot n the - head during a trainingg exercise yesserday afternoon. meliida roeder tells us why there should not haveebeen any ccnfusion... ...bbtween - weapons. 3 (coverr)32:15 "it shouldn't &phave happened.""s far - pollcee cannt explain why live ammunition was paat of a field conducting tuesday at the former rosewwod ceeter in ooings mills.but somehow --
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anninstrrctor shot aatrainee round...the invvstigatiin has & beee turned over tt state &ppolice. but the city s conducting its own internal investigation too. mayoo bott upseet- ann baffled. 31:50 "ttere is no acceptabll exaplanation ffr hy live &proundsswere used in a training exerrise. ..."melinna: 3 batts has closee the pollcc academy forrnow, sending all 33 insttuctors here have aaso been ssspended indefinitely. police experts we spoke with sayythereeare a loo f ddtails thaa don't add up - including phe use of live ammunition. ee norris: 11:11:57-11:20:03 -&p"it's unheard of.... of course not.."ormer ommissioner edd nooris sayy onny blanks are "tte firing ins re disablee. 3 at least the barrel's been painted ed or he handles. so you know thii gun as been disabled. "a safety procedurr &pthat's been in place for ears.
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3 simulattd training..stephen -3 pabeling issa retireddcitt 12:00:03-14 "therr were nevee any ive guns around trainingg. ww always had the ggns painted red... very cautiouu & about the use of weapons." -3 until investigatorssfigure outt exactly what wnt wrong... prustrations aad fear kkep mounting.mayor: 31:59 " i as -& so angry i waa almost & speechllss. to think thaa sooething like this could & happen."meeinda oedee - ffx 3 offfcials... in california... are ttll trying... to identifiy he remains...of.... he... &pformmr... l-a copp..accused... of murder murder police... say... ... paalet wiih chris dornerrs... driverrs license... was... recoveerd & from the rubble....////-& infooraatin ... also ssrfaccng... ttat dorner... may ave... been... - hiding out... in aacabin... áright acrossáá.. from the... police command post... for days.../ beforee.. being surprrisd... by tww -3 housekeepers...//. officials... ...and... stoleetheir car../...
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p onee.. áwasá... abll... &ppt get loose... nd call 9- &pp-1..../.dorner... crashes the car,... and... escapes into - aa... hour ... - e hijacks a 3 heeccme up o me with hhs gun - pointeddat me nd i stopped y -3 truck, ut it in park, raised - my hand and he said ddn't -3 want to hhrt you, jjst get out anddstart walkinn up the roaa - and ttke your dog. which iss what i did. did.ssill nknown - whether dornerr.. shot imself... or died in theeflamess 33 some altimoreecounty love.. a day earlyy... by raising money to stop -3 relationshii violence. as kathleen cairns xplains.... part of todays profits... to he charityyhonorinn yeardley lovv.... 3 at elliee...(door opens)"hi how are you"the regular merchandise is out allnggwith the yardlee llve appprel... psales)"so we haveeyour bowtii - and cumberbbn great for prom & coming up and evvryyhing" ten perccnt of ttdays profits will be going to the one love poundatioo... (behind counter -3 bridget mcconkke)"i think its great what theeyareedoing helpinn rriseeawarenesss. helpiig if your in aa
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&&prelatiinssip some people dont yyrdley ove was murdered aa -3 uva... by george huguely, wwo is now in prison. -(lisaayarrleys formerr coach)"everytime hear her 3 ggeet perssn she wws.... hhw she tried tt find theeggod aadd positiie in eeerything that - happened.. and ii makes e think on someelevvl she would pe so proud of her mom ann -3 sisttr for carrying thii on terrible tragedy" -sttndup-"there are also & raffles underwwy for bagg like this..all ffr a gooo cause."at thh salon::joanne - mandato)"with the name yardley love aad beinn its valenttnes day we wanted tt show ur theme""relltionship violence... s a hot tooicc - -nat pop-"bzzzzz"mike has aa 3 mcgowan)"ya start ttinkinn & abouu h whatt my daughter again ya just dont want any daughter to gg through that..or any woman for that matter..."usinesses here willl end up giving up thousands of &pdollars in alentine profits
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today... for the one love ruxton ssation 3 3 the... bbltimore... ciiy - school board... voted - tuesday...// not... to -renew... contracts... oo sevvral charter... and... ndependently runn schools..../ .most... down the end... of... & year....... & 3 paren parks is live at sshool board headquarters ann gives boarr ccairman who saas....the decision is juut not fair... fair... & the oard chair of blufordd drew jemissnnwest saas the school board decided not to renew ittscontract just when -3 the school as on an upswing... upswing... 3 //take vo// the criteria was bassd n acaaemic finaacial gooernment..... and 3 opened in 007 has had itss 2008 one of he schools pscretaries stole more than 63 thousand dollarss.... and is &ppn the processs f paying it
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back....the firstttwo years..... the school performed poorly academically - but has met state standards in thh llst three years.... the focuseddon math nd coming from somm of the city's & oncc he school closes.....any will be displaced.... - 3 3 pll of us were shhcked at tte reccmmenddtton and the measuring deeice used measures &peverybody ut in an urbaa aaea and yyo take all of the urbann children that's prrvided you often have to do more wrk 3& where tattoneedooument wantss thhm to be.... be.... lass night the sshool board alss voted not to renew contraacts for baltimore ciiitas and baltimore freedom acaddmy...karrn parks - fox45 & neww at ten
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-3 3 some ... - baltimore countyystudents... - aar standiig up to bullies. bulliis. attffanklin high sshool n reisterssown... / students arr weering these blue shirts to celebrate "hey day"...// the idea is for pttdents... to sttp out of their comfort zones... and say "hey"... to at least 3 people they don't now...//. it's a & way... of combatting bullying by helping veryone eel 3 iq: those rannom acts f 3 part of the proceeds frrm -3selliin the "hey day" t-shirts - will be ddnated tt an anti-- bullying orggnization. 3&p here's... a... black lab... inn.. &pharford ccunty... 3tonite...// friend..../ hh was reecuee and rrsusitated y a group of firefightersswho refusee toogiie up. tonight, jeff abell shows us the dramatii rescue in a story you're sseing irst on fox.... 3&p (exterior firehouse) on a sleepyymonday --3 afternoon.....
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(11:54:55) (quick nats truck asses) volunteers at the level fire - deeprtment...;came running.... (12214:20) "the caller paid the laundrr room was on fire...." (12:59:30) (windle) "i was upssairs nd by the time i opened the door and heerd the alarm it was pike smokeealreadd upstairss.." angie wwndle and the family dog were theeonly onns -& home wwen the fire broke ut. 3 escapp....but her belooed black lab...was sttll insidee &p 12:54:044) "its really pcarr becauss i as calling for him and i ould hear him but it dddn'' seem he could find his way out..." seeonds.... but it took two there was ann ssggnof chase.. (13:06:05) (orf) "when we - entered the back bedroom e did a sweep under tte ed outt..." ((2:17:24) "in the hoose, he wassjust pretty much hhs tongue hanging out and as baaely breatting...." &p so the dog, hich ouldn't walk, was carrieddto safety..... and usiig the oxygen from his oww tank, sergeant clinton polk, -3&pattempted to pump life into -the
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lifelees pee. (12217:30) (pplkk) "you treat family pet.. i have a dog - also. iitssone of those hings you'd wwnt omebbdy to do itt forryour dog alss." (13:22:14) (abell) "their equipped with oxygen masks for fashion an oll endyys cupp intooa lifeline forrchaae...." the day fter he fire.....chaae paid firefiggters a viiit.... &p(12:44:42)) (dog ppnts heavy) -3 (fireffghter) "hey puppy dog!" (child) "i'll hold chase....."" the familyy needed to ttank them for ssving he ne valuubbe they could never replace. -3& (12:56:16) "it reallyytakks &pa special erson tbe as are....(pauses and boos & head)...." hh dog.....once now founn.. 3 definitely onn of ttose days fox 45, -3 3 aftte spending the night at the animal hospital,
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'ccaae' s doing well.... wwll.... theefamily... is 3 3 "i have tooo sexy pictures i have" have"a warning just nntime for valentine's day.wwy you phould be careful what you text. 03:26:06 "it'' a pretty basic procedure, just remove a &ppiece of ttat bonn 3 facelifts or far some women will go o get &pa fashionable look. 3 but nnxt.... -3&pthe deadly viollnce in college park.the questionn about whhthhr there werr any signs of trouble beforr theeshooting. 3
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3& the university of mmryland - student who was the sole purvivor oo a ssooting nnar campus is recovering at ome & tonight. the student's miracle the 22 year old is -3 alivve and as crime and 3 tells uss questions are goo his wwapoos -3 weapons ann why no one stoppee him him 3 ((pkg)) as paramedics rushed the hospital, federal agenns as wll as locaa ppoice begann to looo intoowwaa happpned in thii ff-ccmpus ouse in college park. early tuesday morning, before urniig the & gun on himself, dayvon green -3.... a graduate student at thee university of maryland ... shht two of is hhusemates one & fftally. 11:52:11 when i &pheard them it sounded jjst likk what i expecteddgunffre to sound likechip cobbs lives &pnext door... 11:50:23 ffr me iim grateful to eealive and that my friends aae alive.. 22 year old tephen rane
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wasnnt as fortunate. the 2009 centennial high school &&pgraduateediidafter being shot -33 severaa times.11:10:37 i wouldd say it ass1 ggy freaking out. 3 ttagedyyhas raisedda llt of questions.... like... how did green get the semi-autommtic uzi and 9mm handgun pooice 3suffered from a menntl illness. &p29:09 people who hhve mental other hould not be buyinn guns... stand-up it's hereeaa green bought hat 9mm heeused to shoot his ousemates. whill owners say they doo't remember im coming in they do say he would have filled out this packkt of forms efore he coulddget tte gun. in it, is a releaas foo theestate to look 3 pllnnss grren suffered from was schizophrrnia. but managers at just gunn say... state pooice never indicaaed 33 green's guunapplicction. thaa
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could happen a number of ways, green's case slipped tthough phe cracks, he may not have been diagnosed yet or green & no one knew he had a problem hii doctoo knew he hadda problemm nd the police should have noww he had a proolem the 22 caliber uzi... green bought s nregulated in marylandd inntead, that purrhase was handded t the federal levvl.. both legaa purchases that go to highlight & law. oy leppla ffx 45 news at ten 3police... are... invvsttgating a nortt baattmore. &p3 we... wwre... on tte scene... aboutt11 o'clock this morning... on... eastt.. 30tt street.... nnar... occ ravvn road.../. a... mmn waa stabbedd.. sevvral times... in - thh stommch.... / he... wws takkn o the hhspital... -3& where his condition... is 33 puspect or otive. &p3 governor o'malley... for hii bill... to build... wind farms... off thh coast... will create more than 150 &ppermanent jobss but as john --3 rydell telll us how much your &pbecause of the plaa... & plann.. 3 "whh cares abbut heir
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children, wo cares abouu &ptheir grandchildre, yeah, we're going to ssve them." & environmentalistt call it the -3& most importantissuu this -3 seesion.thee're promoting wind wind ttrbiness...ff thee atlantii coast."so they can have ggod, clean,,renewablee &penergy."a plan...also senate presidenn mike miiler. (miller) ""ach &geeeration needs pure water, eech generation needs clean -3 air, thank you forrhelping &pmother earthh thank you for pelping make this happeen" & governor o'malley tells & committee...offshore -3 cruuial toward bbosting....renewable nergy 3 megawatt hhur of winn ttat we -3 generate here in maryland issa --3& megawatt hour weedoonot puel."(rydell))"but crrtics say it's unfair to have utility rateeayers subsidizz the development of this exppnsiie ppojeet eeery month for the next 20 yeaas."once the ttrbinee...are uu and ruuning....rtepayers...willl
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oo onn-ddllar and 50-ccnts a montt. (pipkin) "who's going theeocean ontt the coastline pnd onto the leetric grid, all of us are going to dd that."senator e.j. pipkin...believes tte..ennrry -commanies sshuld pay for the --3 entire operrtion.(pipkin) "at & the federal level, we heard -3 goveenment threw $500 million away on solyndraa we're ttrowing away our money thhs deal."but eevironmentalists...- .saa tte longtermmbenefitt will be well worth it. (hill)) - "when you look at youu rrtes -3 ovee a longgperioo of time hopefully they will start to -3&pgo down as the wind, we ccn &pjust harness t out of thee 3 deeide...whether wwnd power... pi in marylaad's immediate -3 future. in annapolis, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. 3 that brings us to our questionn pf the day...would yyu pay more forrpower... if sooe of it was generated by wiid? - wind?herees a look t our ffcebooo page. quite a -discussion abouttthis question toniggt...mosttof youudo not want to ay mmre...join the discuusion by oing to -3 facebook dott om slash ffx-
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baltimoree- it's... beenn.. a... loog-time... crrsade... forr.. maryland bikers. bikeessthey'rr... ssill upsett.. that... state law... mandatess... they & wear... safett... hhlmets...///.so ... they're... once again... backing... a bill.../ making... ii optiooall.. (holcomb)) i'm supporting this bill because i believe in -3 tte ffeedom to choose." choose." 3but... similar bills... to &pepeal theemandatooy hellett 3 been... defeated.../ - as... critics worry... it - would... drive up... the costt of heaatt care. -& 3 the recher thhater in - towson... is closing its doors pdoosthe club has been open re-ooen latee this summer...aa a night-club called "toorent louuge"thh owner... brian - recher... tells us thaa he changg did ánotá have to do with a violent outbreek afttr -3&pa fundraiier......whhre -3 severallpeopleewere aarestee... ...but insteaa...rrcher ssys - pore young people... go o night clubs noow &p3 christians... world--widd... attend....chhrch.../ to mark... ash wednessaa. wednesday. 3 ---music nats--- nats----ere in baltiiore... a
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mid-day mss as held at st. - alphonsus churchhdowntoww..ash wednesdaa marks the beginning of lent...40 days of prayer 3 easter.archbbshop illiam lori attended the service ... t's archbiihop of baltimore. 3 3 "it's an opportunityyfor me in -3 this nnw aad historic archhiooeee to procllim christ to welccme people inno the church, to welcome people bacc toothe ccurch." church." 3 3 arccbiihop lori also ttended &pevening mass at the cathedral 3 balltmore. 3 3 3- 3 3 p3 3 3 3 3
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3 "girls want to have ffn too & but its likeeshhhh" shhhh" lovers bewaae.wwy what -3you share couuddcome back to haant you.. 03:37748 "most womee like to -wear hhels." -3 heels."injecting fat... &pre-shaaing toes...the othhr suugeeies people will usee.. to hange thhir áfeetáinnour 33
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america runs on dunkin'. 33& it's... a... new trend coometic & surgery. .../ wooen re give their a feetá....a - faccliff. 3 in tonight's cover storr - pelinda rreder explainsshoww 33 knives... tt make patients'' feet look and eel beeter..& better. 3 at the cosmeticcsuugery center offmaryyand... doctoos help -33 patients traaforr their bodies... from hhad - to too. a common comppaint is painful feett... esppccally amoog victimm of faahion...03:37:44 see doctor geeghan....after the pain got so bad... she stilettos.03:35:40 "" juut &pcouldn't wear any of my peautiful heels and i hd to - a new procedure calledd -'s where fat cellssarr liteeallyyinjected in the bbll of thh foot... to
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-3&ppreatt extta paddingg03:32:57 -3"the sculptuue goes across thissareaaand forms a ushion. 3 across the feett"itts one of ammng ddctor geoghan's -3 in thh field of ccsmetic podiatry - options are almost unlimmted. -3 áááefore--nd--fter ppotos show eeen toes - that were -3 lengthhned... or shortened.... &pto mmtch theerest of the foot. 03:26:06 "it'ssa prettt bsic & procedure, just remove piece of that bone and it shortens and straightenn it ut." feet... can elp atiints sttp up their kimpier & footwear03:25:13 "especially -3summertime - goong to the & beach. wearing sandalss - wearing flip flops. they don't want to do it."in fact - sooe patientssare terriblyy - patients will not showwme theirrfeet. i have to insist chair."in some casess- ii's &pnot tte tooe... but the toenails...thhttgive them proubleethough lasers beams & can help with thaa too. (cover
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"i'm seeiig a lot of patients cooeeinnnow withhtoennil funggs ... becauue they diin't &pthaa."(may find pic of botox online?) and yyu now how" botoo" can smooth out wrinkles by paralyzing musccee in the & skin???it comes in "handy" for -&&pparalyzes the sweat glaads." barb got a series f took about 15 minutes. but made a big differeece in reduciig theeslipperr, sseely sweat.03:41::6 "this has eee to mmke me comfortable and nott self-conscious."as ore patieets leaan about these oppions... it's likely proceduree in osmettc padiatry will jump.03:24417 "there ii a need or this." pelinda roedee -fox 45 nnws -3 at en. 3 some - but not all -3 proccduues arr covered by insurance.
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,3 most of the president'' pddrrss ---centereddon ways to pump u he economm. ann today -- he took his ieas -- on aasalee trip. trip.back on theeroad... ...ppesiient obama at a pactory that's bringing nnw & that "warmed he heartssof the leet" with talk of nvesting government money 3 obbma says: "and making sure -3 that cooleges are affordable and accesssble to every single americaa. aad iibelievv we attract new jobssto america bb pnergy and new infrastruccure." 3 the residenttouttined manyy &plans raaging from building 3&prebuilding communitieeshurt by fooeclosure.but as our national correspondent real questiin is hoo to payy &for billionn f dollars in more spending... while the country faces explosive national debt aan a stilll
10:35 pm
struggling economy economy cnn sllu sotu-23]in "lee me &ppepeat -- nothing i'm & proposing tonight should incrrase our deficit y a single dime."trt=[broll from childccre]noo aassngle dimm tt 3 can president bama promise that in almost the same breath as hh tallssaboutt bringing early childhood education to every four year old in aaerica, reeair or replace 77-thousand bridges, enhancee shipping porrs and create more than one dozen manufacturing pnstitutes.[broll of daaaius] economist daraius irani &p[dd-rye-uu] irani [ir-on-knee] has been hinking about tte &pcostssbehind obamaas state of thee niin wish list.[take sot daraiusssot in 9:58:33 "i -33 would not bet the farm on that stateeent that there will be 3 thh eeppndituues."trt=:06 [graphic "sotu ccsts" in eric'' share foller]] sooe of tte rough annuall dollarr numbers 50 billion for bridges, 15 biilion for construction ppojects ann 65 biilioo for early educatton, ann those mannfacturing pnstitutes would eat up - anotter billion a year.[takee over sotu ideo $1,059,246] &ptheepresident claims not one -3of those projectt and the others he rrposed will add to - theedeficit which tops one-
10:36 pm
-3 poiit-fiveetrillion dollars this fissal year. even befooe ppending, the coogressional &pbudget ffice llst week prrjected that our government sppndiig will rise tt to 3-pointt6 trillion this year pann soar to nearly 66trillion a year by 2023 wittout a single new programmadded. [[tandup]in econooisss and watchddgs tell us obama must refine his tax proppsals or creete specific spending cuts to offset the costssof his wish list. absent that -- the deeicit is assuredly oing to reportiig -333 reed a ot mmre storres about government spending... includdng a c-b-o caaculation....that the national debt will be 7 átrillioná dollaas larger ii 20-23just go tt fox---baltimooe... and click on "your vvice, oor vote" in the hot topics section n the left side f theescreen p3 a... work crew... in aleeandree, viiginia... is njjred... anddcrasheddinto a church stteple. steeple. there werr... almost
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-3 70... pre--chool students... &pnearby...// none... of the kids was... injured...../they were evcuated... to a parking lot....//the ccewwwas examining... the steeple or whhn... the trrck... where the crann... was ... tipped...// the &pbucket... carryyng the workers - ... appprently landed hardd...on the churrh roof,.../ p slightly injuring the mmn. also new at 10-30 tonighh... ww... have... a... heaatfell wwrning... for you this... valentines day... evee./ eve..//if you are thinking & about takinn a sexy picturr to senn to your loved &pmay want to thinnkagain.janice parkkstreamiig livv in our newsroommtonightt to tell us & some valuable informatioo tonight ffom a seccriiy & janiie?jeff and jennnferi want to start off by saying...we dn't judde anyone herr...buu the expprts did a 3 are ever threatened by annex & after sending a risque photo.....0 % of thh time...the photo you thought was shared with
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the world! porld! &p"i have took sexy pictures have"amonggthe people walkiig 3 under theii umbrellaa.... chancee'll find pictures!"girls want to have fun too but its liie shhhh" shhhh""exactly exactly, if --3& they have something o show ii" &pit""i have doneeffll nudity pront and back, buttonly for - the girl that i lovee love" pights! camera! actiin, in your own ome. securitt company macafee ootware securityy ssftware security company -3&pmacafee fouud that 95%%of aaericans believe thooe nakee phooos only meant or heir 3 again! 3 "some of these havv nicckamms, aaong my friinds because they aren't ppivatt at this point" p3 "janice //" so tte next time
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you reach for your commuter orr phone....remember the words of ed williams: pwlliamss"for all the laddes out there,,don't ttke aked picttres of yourself unless &pyou waana be seen by millions p if youuwant to 3 if yoo wanttto 3&ppeople"seen by miilions of 3 people" 3 if you want to check out mmcafee's ull study, just pead to our wwb sste, poxbaltimore dot com slash in the newroom, jp ffx45 news at ten. & 3 3 3
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&&pcould you use an extra huudred dollars?it's all part of our
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""reeeruary" contest on fox45 3durrng fox45 mornnng news..o pnter go to facebook dot com slash fox baltiiore nn lick on the "frrebruary" tab.tten --3 watcc fox45 morning news starting at 5 a-m to see if pou're a winner. 3 3shawn hubbard, ravens team phhtographer:"i try to ffcus on emotion." emotion." a unique look... the ravens super bowl run...froo he perron who could get the most intimate 3 pox45 nees at ten drinks... are no better than soda...whhe it comes to he health of your teeth...afterr the bbeak
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-3 he'ssa pigllt frrmm floridd....wwo was born with owner gave him up to & veterinarian who decided he needee a way to make tte he fashioned a wheelccair out of toy parts... it's takkng some time for bacon to get used to his new ride... but he's lready becooeean &pinternet sensation. he's got thousands of foolowees on - ppge.. 33 &p3 oriole loser im johnson says issbrilliant2012 season & means nothing thissspring.. bruce cunningham has that storr ext n sports &pphhwn hubbard, ravens teem get ammed uu-- kinda like the ppayers do." do." the ravens super bowl win...from the teams shot at a time...when we come back
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&&pthey'rr eager to get hiigs &pgoinn down innsarasota...even thoughhposition ppayers aren't required to rreprt until friday, anyyof themmare 3 hardy andmanny maahado are -3 alreaddygetting in their work.. thh first full squad worrout of the spring issset for thissaturdaay. -3 ssturday.. the birds broke a 15 yyar postssassn drought lassyear, and this guy was a majorf reason why..closer jim johnson - had the kkiddof year most guys can just dream of..he became only he 0th pitccer to ever
10:53 pm
rreordd5o or more saveswith a the american leaguu relief wouldd't have won wittout him...but johnson says 2012 was 2011...this is a whole new yyar 3 an already ambitiouu athleeic prograa tstevenson university -33 ps taking anotter very big step...they are winding up their first ssason assaa division threeehockey & schooo....he bband new wooen'' ppogram is off an ruuning...oo skating...and has a strongg spent thh morning withhcoach -3& shera vis and her team..look for her report tonight t - 11:30... &poneeravensfree agent wantssto -3 stay right where he is..thoss ssories comingguu at 11:30 as sportsunlimited contiiuess- 3 inn.. everyy & pootball game, ..../ - there... arr the... igh... and low points...//
10:54 pm
but... someetmes,... ans... can't see everythingá...// everythiigg...// like the locker room...the tearr......thh horsin' around. paul gessler introduues us to one of tte two men assigned to cappure those moments. moments. p3 you eyes ddn't focus on he - guy in the brrihh green vess. ssawn hubbard, raaens eam phooographhr:"my name ii shawn hubbard."that's just the way shawn likes it.shawn (con''): "and i'm a photograpper for the bblttmooe ravens."teaa photoggaahee for six years, shawn wentton a raven roller coaster in 20-12. shaww hubbard, ravens team photographer:"ii'' pretty remarkable. it's sort of the ravens way."from ray lewis' last home game...shawn hubbard, ravens team photographer:"everr staff a banner."(:35 sequence gginn & ptroughhpictures)shhwn: "most oo he timm youusee ray, it's theeover--he-top, yelling ray, pnd you don't veeyyfrequentty 3 wouldn't say itts any ess intense, but it's not thh aa -3 where he's shouting and screeaing and in yourrface.""o the miraacl in denver..."i & saii, i bet someone's gonna walk through that light."shawn --3has his favorite photoss.. shawn hubbard, ravens team photogrrpher:"five minutes
10:55 pm
&pleft in the ame, and 'm thinking to myseef, 'we're 3 is kiid of cool'."eveey stee along tte ay, number 52 ggve him momennssshawn hubbard, &p"eepeeially this year nd & knowing he was goona retire...""- shaww hubbardd ravens team photographerr"what you see is what ou get withhray."from phe peeceful pregame moments... 3& photographerr"this is thee ast -3 a speech... or ttis is the &last time i'll see im come out of the tunnel." 5.20 jed's cameraááin the enn, it was about the teammshaan hubbard, ravens ttam photograaher::we haae the tremmndous -3 opportunity to be in the locker room before and affee games.."a team..."this is the first touchdown of the ggme." pf fathers...brrthers....hawn hubbaar, ravens eam photographer:"" try to focus oo emotton."and chhamioos. shawn hubbard, ravens teaa photographer:"we take that &popporttnity with a large -3 amount of responsibiiity and -33&prespect."along ever step of the way...(nnts: jim nantz) 3 in his bright green vess.shawn -&phubbard, ravees team photograaher:"i sort offget amped up-- kinna like the players do."paul gessler, & fox45 nees at ten. 3 you can see all 3- "i'm just amazed by thiss i've never.. nothing like this has -33 ever happenee befooe."
10:56 pm
3 3 & a exas town... helps outpouring of support. -3 3 ...and oming up in just 5 minutes on the latt eeition... editiin... a ppiced phhne.why this ne costs 3 3- 3 3 tryyng to steal a school bbs. & the outrageous reason he happy valentine's day. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe...
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i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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she's in a meeting, could you call back in 15? -- not now. nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 bbck on te right traak.. this valentine's day.a relationship & expert takes yourrcalls.. tomorrow oo fox45 morning news. 3
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voluntters ffom all over teeas clock to help a world war two veteran... whhse ome was vvnadlized. 3 933year-old... eelert ood &preturned home.... / & nearly ...three weeks... after hii house buuglariied... and ransacked by wo teens...///.thanns to coontless hoorss.. of donated labor,...// the home looks very different...//. ggaffitii... is gone... and a security fence and urveelllnne cameras ...have bben installed...//. pi's a blessing foo wood's sons... who ... couldn't affordd.. t do this foortheir fathee 3 "there were ore voounteers than theree as work to do. i don't 3 know what ouucan say but & people came togethhr to take 3 dozens of construction &phelp with the project... bbt it diinnt stop there...
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